Free Webinar- Stop the FDA Inspector at the Door: The Power of MDSAP Certification

by Tyler Sherwin Feb 16, 2024

Worried about the FDA knocking on your door? Wish you could protect your company from unwarranted inspections? Did you know the FDA has endorsed: • ISO 13485:2016 as the basis of the QMSR? • MDSAP certification? Did you also know MDSAP certification will help protect medical device manufacturers from unannounced and unwarranted FDA in...

Free Webinar- Top 3 Mistakes Made During Root Cause Investigations for Corrective Action Planning

by Tyler Sherwin Oct 11, 2023

Ask yourself: 1. How many nonconformities or customer complaints keep reoccurring? 2. How many root cause investigations only dealt with the problem’s symptoms? If your answer is higher than 1 or 2, then your company is probably bleeding money because of ineffective root cause investigation practices. In this 1 hour webinar, you'll lear...

Free Webinar- Top 5 (+1) Mistakes Made by Most Internal Auditors

by Tyler Sherwin Sep 19, 2023

Top 5(+1) Mistakes Most Internal Auditors Make Does the thought of conducting an internal audit make you sweat? You’re not alone. Auditing should be a positive and productive experience for all involved. But due to inexperience and lack of training, internal auditors frequently make unintentional mistakes that can derail an audit. During t...

Free Webinar- Transitioning from MDD to MDR – Pitfalls to Avoid

by Tyler Sherwin Feb 03, 2023

Description: Do you know what pitfalls most medical device manufacturers are experiencing as they RUSH to get their devices approved? Using old documents and records thinking they will be approved. Getting Nonconformance / Deficiency Reports. Proper use of Harmonized Standards and Common Specifications. By attending this webinar you ...

Free Webinar- What Did We Do Wrong? Failures of the 3 Core Quality System Elements

by Tyler Sherwin Sep 16, 2022

Who Should Attend: Those responsible for QMS implementation and administration including: Business Owners, Quality Managers, Quality Directors, Quality Engineers, Quality Assurance Specialists, Quality Control Techs, Internal Auditors, Supply Chain Managers, Supply Chain Auditors, Executives responsible for QMS execution. Class Description: To h...

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