Consulting Advice That Works


If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn’t thinking.

– – General George Patton

Focused Approach

AXEON Inc’s Focused Approach methodology is truly unique in the industry. Unlike most management systems consulting firms, we don’t start with the ISO 9001 standard or its industry-specific equal like AS9100 for the Aerospace industry or ISO 13485 for Medical Devices or their “rules.” As a savvy business/quality professional, you know it begins with your customers– and we do too! That’s the key to impacting business toward a positive change.

We recognize that your business thrives on satisfied – profitable customers. Our efforts are laser-focused on those customers that have the biggest impact on your business while ensuring you meet regulatory requirements.

Our consulting professionals are hands-on, experienced, previous systems and process owners who have worked with many and various organizations benchmarking and establishing customized programs. But we’re not just technically sound, we are approachable and enjoyable to work with! Working with the right people really makes a difference!

Future State

Having a “Vision” of where you are going is vital. In some cases, managers and executives embrace a vision of being better without knowing what better really looks like. AXEON‘s seasoned professionals are unsurpassed at interviewing and gleaning out what is desired from leadership to ensure projects don’t miss a beat and leaders receive their desired results.

Current State

A “Gap Analysis” is the tool to identify current business attributes and practices that already meet or exceed requirements AND identifies any gaps in the established management system. The outputs of this process enable the organization with clear direction and understood work activities.

The AXEON Difference

While everyone else is working to build documents to meet requirements (which may not add real value to your customers or your business) and help you “pass” an audit, AXEON‘s team focuses on aligning requirements including customer’s needs, regulatory requirements, and business expectations. This process assists leaders in achieving their specific identified objectives and developing a culture of continual improvement.

You don’t have to have ALL the answers; we’ll help you achieve your goals in the most practical and cost-effective ways. We guarantee your success.