Free Webinar- Top 5 (+1) Mistakes Made by Most Internal Auditors

Top 5(+1) Mistakes Most Internal Auditors Make

Does the thought of conducting an internal audit make you sweat? You’re not alone.

Auditing should be a positive and productive experience for all involved. But due to inexperience and lack of training, internal auditors frequently make unintentional mistakes that can derail an audit.

During this informative 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn practical, easy-to-apply tips to avoid the most common errors internal auditors make, and how to improve the results of your audits.

Topics include:

  • Audit prep essentials.
  • How to audit the process- NOT the person.
  • How to avoid acting like the “Quality Police.”
  • Effective questioning and listening skills.
  • How to select an audit sample.

Webinar Host:  Markus Gee, the Director of Axeon’s Medical Device Division, has over 30 years hands-on Quality System Management, auditing, training facilitation and consulting experience. He’s been “boots-on-the-ground” in R&D, Product Development, Manufacturing, Regulatory, Quality, Supplier relations, etc. He invites you to join this free webinar to refresh and build your skills.