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But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what quality professionals had to say after working with Axeon:

Axeon Testimonial: "The virtual class was excellent and Fred Schmidt did an amazing job on keeping us on track throughout and providing great insights into the minor details." - Aniket B. Axeon Testimonial: "I just wanted to say what a great experience everyone had with the audit. The feedback was all positive and everyone felt as ease and that the recommendation were all on point and will improve our system. Also, I really appreciated the auditor’s patience with us trying to work out the audit on the shop floor! I can imagine that it was very frustrating having to deal with us trying to get that resolved. Thank you very much for the kind and motivating words regarding our team, I feel very fortunate to work with this group and it's always great to have that reinforced by outside sources as well." - Vice President, Aerospace & General Manufacturer
Axeon Testimonial: "Loren Cullum was a wonderful instructor. Some instructors and professors simply go through the motions. But, Mr. Cullum actually cares that everyone learns the material. He would ALWAYS take the time to clarify any question and was happy to do so." - Nick P. Axeon Testimonial: "We wrapped up the internal auditor training today. Markus was very good.  Markus really helped our staff hit a few "ah ha" moments. I know we have a lot of challenges ahead of us to right our ship, and his invaluable auditing style really made a difference. I want to reiterate that point. The way in which he conducted the audit, his ability to help connect the dots for some of our management staff was invaluable. He was more than just our internal auditor for a few days. His value is immeasurable! We would like to use it as consultation time with Markus if at all possible. Markus really created a knowledge-based, trustful working relationship in his short time here and we'd like to be able to build upon that."- Vice President of Quality
Axeon Testimonial: "I took more away from this particular course than any other remote course I have ever taken. These remote courses can sometimes be monotonous and tiresome, but I must say Ben's approach, after getting used it, really paid dividends, Spencer and I took a lot away which is so very positive. So a thumbs up to Ben and his style from me." - Quality, Safety & Export Compliance Manager, Future Metals Axeon Testimonial: "Thanks for having me in your AS9100 Lead Auditor Class (class AS-21-17). You made the class interesting and easily digestible for someone like me (little to no prior training). In my years in Military Service, I have been to many classes covering a range of regulations and standards, none were as engaging and interesting as the class you gave. Your knowledge and experience bring a special something to the class that no prior instructor I have had has been able to match. Going into the class I was nervous because I heard stories of how much content is covered in such a short amount of time. Your excellent teaching skills coupled with stories of past auditing experiences really translated well to being able to comprehend the material in a short amount of time. I look forward to taking more classes with you in the future." - Warehouse Technician, Boeing Sikorsky Aircraft Support (BSAS)
Axeon Testimonial: “I was very happy with the Lead Auditor training I received from Axeon earlier this year (Kevin Grace was great), and when we are ready for additional training, you guys will be getting a call!” - Quality Manager Axeon Testimonial: "Every now and then you come across a trainer/teacher who actually “gets it” and sticks out in your mind. PJ Tolentino is one of those teachers. Over the years, I have taken dozens of courses, and I will have to say I haven’t learned more, but also enjoyed any as much as the AS9100/ISO 9001 class this week with PJ. He was very professional, a clear communicator, and kept us focused on the task at hand. In addition, he was very personable, and extremely adept at the standards with real world scenarios and experience. Thanks a lot, and look forward to future training opportunities." - Quality Manager, General Cable
Axeon Testimonial: "Thank you! The class was very illuminating, I understand what our certification auditor has been complaining about regarding the “root cause” section of our Corrective Actions. We have lots of room for improvement. I found the class to be very helpful. I am hopeful I can retain all the information cause man there was A LOT of great information. Would be very happy if I was ever given another opportunity to take another class from you! Thank you!" - Quality Assurance Inspector Axeon Testimonial: "As always it is great working with your company. Since we have started using Axeon for our Pre-NADCAP audits we have seen a drop in findings and severity of findings. With the experience your trainers bring to the table both in NADCAP and QA Systems auditing my personnel and myself are more easily performing self-audits and avoiding some of the common mistakes made during audits. I look forward to working with your people soon on our upcoming NADCAP NDT audit." - Mark C.
Axeon Testimonial: "I thought the internal auditor training was conducted very well. It had a good blend of lecture (which is needed to teach such topics), but also personal anecdotes to show us the application of some of the regulations. Gus’ stories built his credibility in a way that made me excited to hear more about his experience." - Nitin T., Engineer Axeon Testimonial: "The course material is excellent, and the instructor was nothing short of outstanding. It’s not easy to keep the attention of dozens of students, especially remotely. Ray Hanson did a great job." - Ed R.
Axeon Testimonial: "The Internal Audit training was very comprehensive. Gus’ “real world” approach, ie, stories from the field, was very enlightening. The exercises in class were very illustrative of what actual audits cover, from Internal audits to what to expect from the dreaded 3rd Party audits. I like the whole “Mastery Learning” way of taking quizzes/tests/exams. It’s a step beyond open book testing. Gus also gave us a few excel spreadsheets that were checklists he uses when he wears his auditing hat." - Shyang R., Document Control Axeon Testimonial: "Axeon is really easy to work with – thank you!" - Senior Operations Manager, Ruag, Inc
Axeon Testimonial: "I had a great experience with Yarelis as our internal auditor. She was very professional, thorough, and was able to work through a substantial amount of auditing in a short period of time. Her findings and observations were very reasonable. I wouldn’t hesitate to have her audit for us again in the future." - Bryan E., Quality Engineer Axeon Testimonial: "Thank you so much for the training, it was a very good class and I am applying what I have learned in my day to day activities.I do look forward to future training and interested in furthering my auditing credentials." - Ronni C., Quality Services and Compliance Manager

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