Counterfeit Parts AS5553 Class

Learn to identify and prevent the use of counterfeit parts with AS5553 and AS6174

Days: 1 • CEU Hrs: 4.8
Time: 7:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. MST
Audience: Beginner to Advanced


  1. Discuss Industry Problems with Counterfeit Parts and industry efforts on Counterfeit Part Prevention
  2. Discuss Industry Efforts On Counterfeit Part Prevention
  3. Discuss Role of G-19, AS5553, AS6174, and Other Standards
  4. Discuss the Roles of Various Groups within an Organization in Preventing Counterfeit Parts from Entering Product
  5. Discuss Methods for Auditing Counterfeit Parts Prevention (CPP) within AS 9100C/AS 9120B (ISO 9001:2015)
  6. Internal Audits

Who Should Attend?

  • End User (government or commercial using platforms, systems, and/or equipment e.g. UK MoD, US DoD, NASA etc.)
  • Platform Integrator
  • Systems Integrator
  • OEM (System level e.g. Radar, Lower Level e.g. Power Supply)
  • CEM (Board Level)
  • Product Maintenance/Repair Organization
  • Material Procurement Organizations (e.g. BPO organizations etc.)
  • Others (any organization contracted by a customer to comply or who chooses to use to enhance its processes)


  • The training of personnel
  • The inspection and testing of electronic parts
  • Processes to abolish counterfeit parts proliferation
  • Processes for maintaining electronic part traceability
  • Use of suppliers that are the original manufacturer, or an authorized dealer
  • Reporting and quarantining
  • Methodologies to identify suspect counterfeit
  • Design, operation, and maintenance of systems
  • Flow down of counterfeit detection and avoidance requirements
  • Process for keeping continually informed of current counterfeiting information and trends
  • Process for screening GIDEP reports and other credible sources
  • Control of obsolete electronic parts