Transition Week

Transition Week is a powerful combination of classes designed to prepare you and your company for the transition to the new standards.

This package includes the following courses:

2-Day Root Cause Corrective and Preventive Action

2-Day Risk Management Principles and Practices

1-Day Early Transition Course


The new ISO standards are coming, and we all know it. But just because you know something is coming, doesn’t mean you have all of the answers you need. The truth is, we don’t have all of the answers either, but most of the important changes have been established and many of the questions on your mind have answers.


With the changes coming to Root Cause and Corrective Actions, and the increased requirements for Risk Management throughout the entire organization, a simple transition course is not enough for most customers. Knowing what the changes are, isn’t the same thing as being able to implement them in your organization. These classes, along with a firm foundation in ISO, will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to make the transition to the new standard. You will also spend time in class learning strategic planning skills that will assist you in creating your company’s customized transition plan.