We teach you how to use auditing to improve your organization

 Days: 4 • Price: $2095


Learn to audit processes and management systems to improve the effectiveness of your organization.  Audit is one of the most powerful tools an organization has.  Time and time again we have seen our students apply what they have learned to help top management reduce waste, prevent defects and problems, improve efficiency and create more value for their customers.
You will learn practical, hands-on audit skills and concepts that bring life to these subjects.  Our students are amazed at how engaging our classes are, and at how valuable these skills are to their careers and their companies.

Each 4-day class covers:

  • Understanding the differences between the Management System, the Standard, and the Audit
  • Appreciating the value of the Management System
  • Understanding of food safety management principles
  • Interpreting the requirements of ISO 22000
  • Understanding, evaluating and applying risk assessment principles, processes and tools
  • Interpreting the requirements of PAS 220 for basic food safety
  • Recognizing a wide variety of food safety management system components and their interrelationship with legal requirements
  • Understanding system documentation and records
  • Leadership requirements

The Workshops include:

  • Preparing food safety policies and objectives
  • Understanding the FSMS auditing process
  • Preparing an audit programme and planning an audit
  • Performing an investigation, evaluating evidence, and reporting audit results
  • Verifying and taking effective corrective action
  • Monitoring, reporting and improving system performance
  • The registration and certification process
  • Analyzing Processes to Identify Resources and Critical Controls
  • Reviewing Processes and Preparing Checklists
  • Determining Nonconformities
  • Writing Nonconformity Statements
  • Interviewing Auditees
  • Chairing a Closing Meeting

Attendees successfully completing the examinations provided in conjunction with this course receive a Certificate of Attainment for these Exemplar Global (RABQSA) knowledge competency units:
FS – Food Safety Management Systems
AU – Auditing Management Systems
TL – Leading Management Systems Audit Teams
The Certificate of Attainment provides evidence of knowledge competency defined by Exemplar Global (RABQSA International) for certification as a Food Safety Management Systems Lead Auditor.
Even though ISO 22000 is used as the model for teaching systems and audit, this course enables students to develop and apply auditing skills using any applicable management system standard.
This course is delivered by Axeon in partnership with Quality Management International, Inc.  Completion of this course satisfies the training requirements for certification by Exemplar Global as a lead auditor.