2-Day Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Days: 2

Time:  7:30 AM- 4:30 PM MST

AXEON’s training courses begin with your objectives in mind. Before any training begins the instructor must have an objective to deliver your desired outcome. If the course does not have a specific objective, students can go through the motions with little added value. AXEON’s course setup begins with a candid discussion of your needs and expectations with the course instructor to develop specific areas of focus for the class. Below is a general outline for the course and topics that will be covered.


Statistical process control (SPC) procedures help you monitor process behavior. One of the staple SPC tools used by quality process analysts, improvement associates, inspectors and more is the control chart. Axeon’s statistical process control training will walk you through the details of control charting and other SPC procedures and how to apply them within your organization.

Who Should Attend?

·    Quality & Process Engineers ·    Process Development & Validation Personnel
·    Quality Technicians ·     Manufacturing/Operations Personnel
·    Production Supervisors ·    Process Improvement Personnel
·    SPC Supervisors ·    Supplier Quality Personnel
·    Laboratory Personnel ·    Six Sigma Professionals



  • Sources of Variation
    • Common and Special Cause Sources
    • Detecting Special Cause Sources
  • Charts: Xbar and R
    • Differences Between Measurements and Averages
    • Computing Control Limits and Charting
  • Other Charts
    • Individuals & Moving Ranges
    • Xbar and S Charts
    • Charts for Short Production Runs
  • Attribute Charts (p, np, c, u)
    Chart Interpretation

    • Type I and Type II Errors
    • Guidelines for Analysis of Charts
    • Out of Control Signals
  • Sensitivity
    • Impact of Sample Size on Chart Sensitivity
    • Determining Sample Size
  • Process Capability
    • Capability ratio – Cr
    • Performance Ratio – Pr
    • Capability Index – Cp
    • Performance Index – Pp
    • Process Capability – CpK
    • The Standard Normal
    • Z Values
    • Computing Proportion Defective