This course is designed for managers and executives that need to understand the requirements of AS9100 and the implications for their organizations.

Learn what AS9100 registration means for your organization and how to implement it to your AS9100 Rev D QMS to gain a competitive advantage.

Many organizations are introduced to management systems because they are forced to consider ISO certification.  This overview shows how system development can happen in many different ways, but the best approach is to investigate your existing processes and system and align them with your business objectives.

As leaders, Top Managers need to be stakeholders in the achievement of the Quality Management System, accountable for its effectiveness and engage the company in achieving the intended results of the QMS- among other requirements. Every organization is different, so we customize every executive overview to incorporate top management’s particular learning and system development objectives.

Who should attend?

  • Top Managers
  • Quality professionals
  • VP/Directors of Quality
  • ISO Managers/Management Reps
  • Process owners
  • Systems professionals
  • Improvement Specialists

You will learn:

  • What does the quality system mean to you as manager, and to your team?
  • AS9100 leadership requirements per clause 5 and connecting it to other clauses in the standard
  • AS9100 and the Risk Based Approach to implementing management systems
  • The Quality principles per AS9100 and the changes to them
  • How systems work
  • Leadership requirements for developing the management system
  • Leadership requirements for running and continually improving the management system
  • The main changes to the standard including:
    • Aligning it to the High Level Structure
    • Change in terminology
    • Change in structure