1/2-Day How To Perform Remote Audits


The emergence of COVID-19 and its related worldwide travel restrictions, combined with the need to conduct quality, supplier, and/or regulatory audits, required organizations to find alternatives to the traditional face-to-face audit that can be implemented now.

This is a practical, how-to course that is not bogged down in academic discussions. It focuses on applying ISO guidelines for remote auditing, along with techniques for conducting audits using computer-based and telecommunication tools.
An excellent add-on to an internal- or lead-auditor training course!

• Understand the differences between in-person and remote auditing.
• Help you identify risks and opportunities posed by remote auditing.
• Learn tips and methods for effectively performing a remote audit.

Who Should Attend?
• quality managers
• internal auditors
• audit program managers
• quality consultants
• lead auditors

This training does not include full internal- or lead- auditor training. (That would be a prerequisite for this class for the Standard to be audited.)


1. Feasibility of Remote Auditing
2. Tips for Remote Auditing
3. Confidentiality, Security & Data Protection
4. Risk Assessment for Remote Auditing
5. Planning a Remote Audit
6. Conducting a Remote Audit
7. Limitations of Remote Auditing