Days: 2 • CEU Hrs: 1.9
Time: Day 1 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Day 2 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Audience: Beginner to Advanced

Supplier Audit Training Overview

This course prepares you to perform supplier audits using industry-proven techniques and to apply proper interpretation of the ISO standards to real-life audit situations. You’ll follow the full audit process including: audit tools and preparation, opening meetings, audit interviews, closing meetings, and reporting. This is a very practical class that is not “bogged down” with academic discussions of quality topics that have limited utility for class attendees.

This Supplier Auditor class makes extensive use of activities and case studies to help you fully understand the requirements of quality system auditing. Since people “lock” new understanding into long-term memory much better when they apply it, lecture time is held to a minimum providing you time to grasp and then practice your newly acquired skills in simulated real-life audit situations.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who will perform supplier audits to supplier requirements, ISO Standards and/or Quality Management Systems.


There are no required prerequisites. This course is routinely taught to quality novices and lifetime professionals.


Day 1

Part Title Minutes
1 Introduction and Schedule 30
2 Terminology & Definitions 15
     Activity #1: Quality Terminology 30
3 Supplier Auditing:  Concepts and Benefits

Topics:  QMS Standard Requirements, Regulatory Requirements (Examples), Customer Requirements, Supplier Risk Management (RCA & CA Process), Supplier Performance Issues, Benefits of Supplier Audits, COPQ, Prevention vs Detection

     Activity #2:  Perform a 3×5 Whys RCA 30
4 Types of Supplier Audits and Auditing Tools

Topics:  Audit Categories:  System, Process, Product, Compliance; Types of Audits:  Manufacturing Process, Ethical, Structural, CTPAT

Tools:  Audit Checklist ISO 19011, Capability Checklists, Supplier Checklists & Audit Reports

Lunch 30
     Activity #3:  Supplier Audit Categories/Criteria

Activity #4:  Audit Roleplay #1

Activity #5:  Supplier Audit Report Examples




          Total class hours/minutes Day 1 =  7-hours

Day 2

Part Title Minutes
5 Initial Assessment, and Monitoring Supplier Performance, Supply Chain Risk

Topics SCMH:  Initial Assessments:  QMS Certificates, Special Processes, Flow Down Requirements, Risk Assessment of Suppliers, Capability, Internal Audits, Capacity, Improvement Processes, Sub-tier Supplier Control, Process Capability (Cpk, SPC), Supplier Capability (Maturity) Model & Audit Checklists, Supplier Risk Assessment,

     Activity #6:  Audit Roleplay and Audit Report 120
Lunch 30
6 Miscellaneous Topics:  APQP/PPAP, Supplier Performance Metrics, Supplier Continual Improvement, Source Delegations (Delegation of Verification) 60
     Activity #7:  PPAP Readiness Assessment   (Optional) 45
     Activity #8:  Audit Case Studies (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100, etc.)  (Optional) 120
          Total class hours/minutes Day 1 =  7-hours  15-minutes