Top Tips for Newbies to Sports Betting

Basic terms for the types of bets only help to understand what betting options bookmakers offer you. This knowledge is definitely needed for those who plan to place bets on sports on a regular basis on the Parimatch official site, but this is not enough to play profitably.

In the best case, it is stable to beat bookmakers and earn 5-10% of the percentage of players over a long distance. To get there, check out a few secrets of betting.


The bankroll, or in other words, the deposit for the game must consist of free funds that the player can afford to lose. This will help you get rid of unnecessary emotions while betting and make decisions soberly.

In addition, to make a bet, we bet 1-5% of the bankroll amount. This is especially important for beginners, since this approach reduces the likelihood of losing the deposit.

Stick to strategy

There are a huge number of different approaches to betting - Martingale, value betting, and so on. The player's task is to choose the most suitable strategy depending on his own knowledge of sports and betting.

Play fair

As soon as a person thinks about making money from sports betting, he is ready to consider various tricks and workarounds. For example, you can find information on match fixing on the Internet, but most often this data is sold by scammers. If you decide on this kind of fraud, then most likely you will lose funds.

In sports, they do fix matches, but it is almost impossible to find this information on the Internet before the start of the confrontation. Athletes and organizers value their own reputation, therefore they will not disseminate such information.