Days: 2

7:30am – 4:30pm Mountain Time

Report Types Discussed

  • Project – Interim and Completion
  • Investigation and Results
  • Sharing information
  • Quality/Audit
  • Strategy
  • Operational/Periodic
  • Tests/Analysis
  • Research
  • Progress
  • Performance – Deliverables vs. Actuals


Key elements that make up reports
Day 1 – AM
Types of reports and general structure
Importance of Scope and Purpose
Data, validity, integrity, and statistics
Understanding bias and errors
Visuals, tables, and graphs – use and misuse
Day 2 – PM
Practice exercises
Interpretation and explanation of metrics/KPI’s
Readability, levels, and layout
Logos, pathos, ethos in writing
Practice exercises on sample reports
Understanding users and practice creating reports
Day 2 – AM
Understanding report creators vs users
Literacy, numeracy, and vocabulary
Impact of personality styles – MBTI and DISC
User pre-conditioning
Practice with sample reports
Day 2 – PM
Understanding the chain – Situations/events to decisions and actions
Exercise 1 – Mapping information flow and identifying checkpoints
Exercise 2 – Creation of reports and interpretation
Exercise 3 – Creation of reports and interpretation
Exercise 4 – Creation of reports and interpretation